Pat McCarthy is the author of a dozen nonfiction books for children and young adults. She has published numerous stories, articles, puzzles and quizzes in magazines for children and adults. She teaches for the Institute of Children's Literature. She has also written encyclopedia articles and school curriculum. Pat is a retired elementary school teacher who subs to remain in touch with kids. Her hobbies are photography, travel, birding and scrapbooking.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Please Read My Articles at

All nine of the articles that I had submitted so far to are now live on the site. I'd appreciate it if some of you would go read some of them and comment on them or rate them. I'm surprised how many of them are being read and are being used.They're supposed to approve them faster after you have ten, but the last ones only took a day to be approved. Also I just submitted number 10.

As soon as school is out in two weeks, I want to start writing some longer articles to submit to magazines. I may use some of the articles I've posted as the basis for longer articles. It's been a long time since I've submitted to magazines. Really, since I started the first book in 1998. I also need to send out query letters to publishers who do biographies to see if they have any to assign.

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