Pat McCarthy is the author of a dozen nonfiction books for children and young adults. She has published numerous stories, articles, puzzles and quizzes in magazines for children and adults. She teaches for the Institute of Children's Literature. She has also written encyclopedia articles and school curriculum. Pat is a retired elementary school teacher who subs to remain in touch with kids. Her hobbies are photography, travel, birding and scrapbooking.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My First Two Articles Have Been Posted!

The first two articles I wrote for the Lieurance-King Spring Article Challenge are up on The titles are "Eight Easy Steps to Writing an Article for Children" and "Migratory Bird Day at Magee Marsh." The second one is about three days late, since Migratory Bird Day was Saturday, but the migration through Magee Marsh is still going strong. I drove up there today (three hours) and birded till about 4:00, then drove home. Lots of warblers are still passing through.

Now that those two articles have been approved, I need to get busy writing some more. This weekend I'm going to the Ohio Ornithological Society annual conference at Mohican State Park in eastern Ohio. I had planned to go from there to my sister's to spend a week with her, but plans changed. She spent Friday through today in the hospital with a bad attack of colitis, so she doesn't feel up to having company. She will be eating a very bland diet and resting a lot, which won't fit into our usual style of scrapbook shopping, eating out and scrapbooking. So I'll have next week at home to clean, write articles, and maybe sub a couple of days.

I've also agreed to do a scrapbooking blog for . As soon as I have the URL for that blog and have made my first post, I'll let you know what it is.

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Blogger Suzanne Lieurance said...

Hey, Pat,

Yikes! I'm sorry to hear that Kay's been sick. Tell I said I hope she's feeling better very soon.

You're really getting the hang of blogging! And I posted one of your ezine articles at the National Writing for Children Center today. Thanks!


2:02 PM


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