Pat McCarthy is the author of a dozen nonfiction books for children and young adults. She has published numerous stories, articles, puzzles and quizzes in magazines for children and adults. She teaches for the Institute of Children's Literature. She has also written encyclopedia articles and school curriculum. Pat is a retired elementary school teacher who subs to remain in touch with kids. Her hobbies are photography, travel, birding and scrapbooking.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Stalled at Writing!

Well, my writing has been pretty much stalled for a long time, so in order to give it a boost, I've joined the Lieurance-King Spring Article Challenge sponsored by writers Suzanne Lieurance and Kristen King. I first met Suzanne online on a writing list, then we became fellow authors for Enslow. I met her in person at a children's writers' workshop at Wildacres in North Carolina several years ago. We've been friends ever since.

The challenge is to write 30 articles in May and June and post them to article directories online. From there editors of newsletters or online magazines can pick them up and use them. I wondered at first why I should give away 30 articles instead of submitting them to paying markets, but Suzanne has convinced me that this will give me more traffic to my blog and more exposure for my writing.

Since the articles are short, around 400-500 words, I can still write longer, more in-depth articles on the same topics for submission to magazines. So I decided to give it a try. If I write 30 articles in two months, I should be in the article-writing mode and be able to jump from this to submitting to magazines. I haven't done that since I started writing my first book in 1998. Guess it's about time I got back to it. After ten books, I feel like I'd like to do some magazine stuff, although I would also love to do more books, especially biographies.

So I'm off to write my first article. I'll check in tomorrow and tell you it's all done!


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Blogger Suzanne Lieurance said...

Hey, Pat,

Your blog is really coming along. some of your great photos to the site.

Suzanne Lieurance
National Writing for Children Center

1:00 PM


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