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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Canada Trip, Rare Gull, and Prairie Days

The pioneer book is coming closer to reality. The committee reviewed my proposal and wanted me to flesh out the outline a bit, showing more of the historical content. They also wanted to be sure I showed all the hardships of the pioneers. And they weren't crazy about the Laura Ingalls Wilder tie-in in each chapter, so there will probably just be one small section about her. The editor called me with their suggestions. I send him the revised outline yesterday and haven't heard anything yet. If I do it, it will be due June 1, which gives me 8 months to write a 40,000 word book. Should be plenty of time, and give me time for any smaller rush assignments I can pick up, plus subbing and teaching my correspondence courses.

Last weekend I went to Canada with other members of the Darke County Birders. We hit Lake Erie MetroPark on the way up, then went to Point Pelee and Holiday Beach for hawk migration. There were hundreds of sharp-shinned hawks migrating, along with probably thousands of blue jays. We saw 70-some species of birds in three days and had a good time. Will post some pictures.

Today my friend Marge and I drove to St. Mary's, Ohio (about 35 miles) to see a rare (in this area) Sabine's gull. Two other birders came while we were there, and one located the gull and pointed it out to us. I got a couple of pictures which aren't the best, but show the large amount of black on the wings. I'll post one.

I'm getting ready for the Darke County Parks' Prairie Days this weekend. I work at the desk tomorrow morning, and they want me to rearrange the gift shop for the weekend. Then all weekend I'll be selling in the gift shop. It's a long haul, but it's easier if one person takes care of all the money. I'll at least get out to get a Farmer Brown sandwich and some ice cream!

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