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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Book Is Done!

I finished my George Washington Carver book on the day it was due and e-mailed it. Then I still had to make copies of photos I wanted them to use and my sources. That took till 4:00 am, then I had to get up at 7:00 and drive to Chicago. I took my friend, Jan, to visit her daughter. Jan has heart problems and doesn't drive out of town. We had a nice visit, went out to eat a lot, visited the Chicago Botanic Gardens, and saw some of Jan's relatives that I know. We came back Sunday.
The next order of business is writing a proposal for an activity book on pioneers. Actually, it's a 40,000-word book with 21 activities. Activity book sounds like one of those little thin books I used to buy when I was teaching. There will be a lot more to this.
Had to take Oz, my cat, to the vet yesterday. He's been sneezing and spent two days lying in the litterbox. He also has fleas. It's an upper respiratory infection. The vet gave him a shot and some medicine, so I'm risking scratches and puncture wounds twice a day to squirt medicine in his mouth.
I'm also getting ready for a garage sale, which will be a week from tomorrow. Have to take the ad in today. This is a real job. I have innumerable big plastic bins full of stuff I took out of the garage when I had it made into a family room. They've been piled in one room ever since. I'm hoping to either sell, pitch or give away most of it. Good luck. I'm the epitome of procrastinators. I blame my Grandpa Cutler and need to write a piece called "Grandpa Was a Packrat."
Off to work.

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Blogger Suzanne Lieurance said...


I always get worn out just reading about all your activities! You're amazing. I admire your ability to have fun!

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