Pat McCarthy is the author of a dozen nonfiction books for children and young adults. She has published numerous stories, articles, puzzles and quizzes in magazines for children and adults. She teaches for the Institute of Children's Literature. She has also written encyclopedia articles and school curriculum. Pat is a retired elementary school teacher who subs to remain in touch with kids. Her hobbies are photography, travel, birding and scrapbooking.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Book Assignment

I'm excited tonight. I got a book assignment today, and it's been a long time. This is to do a leveled reader for sixth grade. It's one of the below-level books for kids with reading problems, so it will be written on fifth grade level. It's called "Life and Times of George Washington Carver." It has a pretty tight schedule. The outline is due a week from today, and the whole book four weeks from today! I planned to leave Wednesday night to go to my sister's, then on to Becky's for a week of scrapbooking. Now we've pushed that back a day and I'll leave on Thursday afternoon. I think I can get an outline done by then. The book is 10,000 words and it's a flat fee book, rather than a royalty book, but one good thing is that I'll get the money soon and I really need it! I took off for the Dayton Library as soon as I accepted the assignment. Our library doesn't have enough variety. I've read one book and gotten an idea of the chronology of his life and how to divide it into chapters. Off to bed so I can work hard on it tomorrow!

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Blogger Suzanne Lieurance said...

Congratulations, Pat!

Have fun writing the book.


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