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Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm Off to Florida

I've been very busy subbing and trying to get enough money for my trip to Florida. A friend, Lynn, was going with me, but she decided Wednesday that she was going to cancel out. She decided she wouldn't have a long enough time with her parents to justify the cost of the trip. My income tax refund was supposed to be in my account today, so I had to wait and see if it was. (It is.) Without it, I probably wouldn't have had enough money, because I was expecting to pay only half the gas for the 3000-mile trip, and half the camping fees.

Anyway, I've driven down several times before by myself, and I have an 83-year-old friend who is down there alone now, so I guess I can do it again!

I've enjoyed my subbing. A week ago Monday, I said to this one class, "Hey, I want you guys to help me out with a project for my Photo Club." They were mystified, till I told them the Theme this month was Hands and I wanted them all to raise their hands like they were really anxious to answer a question. I'll post the result. It was worth an HM. I got two other HM's and a 3rd. Adam got an HM for his pink flowers. I'll post that, too. And my 3rd Place picture, which is of a sculpture of two women, with my friend, Nancy, leaning in between them and joining their conversation. They were all talking with their hands, so I thought it fit the theme.

When I get back from Florida, I'll have LOTS of pictures to post! I'm leaving tomorrow morning and driving as far as Cordele, Georgia, where I'm camping in the van. I got a new inflatable mattress which I think is going to be very comfortable. I've used a futon for years, but this is wider, so it will be easier to turn over. The next day I'll head for the Everglades and camp a couple of nights. I'll do lots of birding there. On Tuesday, I'm going to Ft. Myers to visit my cousins. I hope I have time to stop at Corkscrew Swamp on the way. While I'm with them, I'll go to Sanibel Island one day to Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge and to Cape Coral another day to see burrowing owls and bald eagles. The next Sunday, I'll go to Haines City to visit friends, Bill & Susie. Then I'll head home on the 27th. I'm expecting company on the 29th, so I need to have a day to clean!

It's after midnight, so I'd better get to bed. I'm getting up at 6 and trying to be out of here by 7.
Wish my laptop hadn't died. I could have posted during the trip.

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